Let’s Explore Ella City

Ella is an amazing city in Badulla district, Sri Lanka. Hiking, Cycling, Swimming, Trekking are popular in this area. Also it’s a party city with the best atmosphere in Sri Lanka. Not so hot, Not so cold, really like a paradise in another paradise!

Things to do

Ella is all about adventures & surprises. Weather is extremely comfortable for most visitors as it’s not so hot nor so cold. Hike a mountain, take a cycle tour or play with waterfalls. Ella is the best you can ever enjoy. There are many activities in Ella. Why not read more?

Places to go

Ella rock is the main tourist spot in Ella. It’s a huge rock which is covered by a natural park. This is the best for hikers. Little Adam’s peak also another best for adventures. Ravana Fall, Ravana Cave, Nine Arches bridge, and there are many hidden gems waiting for you.