Trafficswarm scam alert. The Ultimate review of the site.

trafficswam home pageAre you fed up with Trafficswarm low-quality traffic? Got scammed from the site? Looking for an honest review of the site. Would you like to know the perfect method to drive traffic to your site? If so, Read us till the end and see for yourself whether traffic from Trafficswarm is legit or a scam.

What is Traffic Swarm?

Trafficswarm is just an ordinary traffic exchange where you’ll get low-quality visitors to your site. Webmasters can add sites to the Trafficswarm System to get traffic easily. But these traffic has no value to your site. In order to add your site to Trafficswarm, you’ll have to watch others websites to get points. When you have enough points you can use them to promote your website to other users of Traffic Swarm.

A short review of the site.

As I mentioned above traffic from Trafficswarm has almost no value to your site. Coz it doesn’t increase your Alexa Rank and has no value in search engine optimization. All you get is a bunch of people watching your site with no interest in your blog or website. All the members on Traffic Swarm are there to promote their website. So you’ll get less attention to your site.

But what they say on their site is different. They claim that they will increase the sales of your site. Which would happen rarely? But Trafficswarm is useful if you want to drive a massive amount of traffic in a short period of time. The thing is these traffic are untargeted who doesn’t interested in your site.

There are a better ways to drive traffic

Well, there is a well-known alternative to Trafficswarm. It’s called Alexa Master. What is special about Alexamaster is that it increases your site’s Alexa rank meanwhile sending you quality traffic.

What I have experienced,

After I reduce my Alexa rank I started to get traffic from search engines. I was really happy with the result. Traffic from search engines is new to me. Coz I never received traffic from Google. I was thrilled my traffic started to increase daily thanks to

Here is a list of benefits that you’ll get having a good Alexa rank.

  • The website popularity is increased. This helps you to gets the Google’s bots attention.
  • Increase your search engine rankings on Google. Good Alexa rank search engine optimizes your site for better rankings.
  • Attract advertisers on your way. More revenue from your site. Advertises tends to look for a good Alexa rank before they invest real money on your blog.
  • Increase the value of your site. You can sell your site for a higher price later day.

What people say about AM.

  1. Thank you alexmaster for increasing my Alexa rank. it has rapidly increased my Alexa rank in a short period of time. Now I’m a happy webmaster who enjoys quality traffic to my site. I was also contacted by many advertisers to put their banner ads on my site. Now I’m earning a small amount of money using my site which was a dream come true. All these are due to
  2. I decided to sell my site. But what worried me was that I didn’t have good Alexa rank. I couldn’t sell my site. Everyone who reviewed my site told me doesn’t have enough traffic. I needed a proof to let others know that I receive traffic. That’s where Alexa Master came to save me. I bought some packages from AM so I could increase Alexa rank in a short period of time. Then the magic happened. Within few weeks of time, I increased my Alexa rank massively. This helped me to sell my site to a guy who gave me 3000 dollars.
  3. It increased my Alexa ranking in no time and actually boosted my search engine positions. This helped me a greatly to get accepted in Google’s Adsense program. Now I receiving a steady income from my blog.
  4. Those who think having a million hits from auto surf can make your bounce rate over 50%, they are completely wrong, you should try alexamaster.
  5. Since all the surfers have Alexa toolbar installed, this increases the rank of a website very rapidly. Thank You.
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