Sites like adfly. My number #1 alternative for you.

facebook moneyAre you looking for similar like adfly? Well, I’m going to reveal the best alternative for adfly. Adfly is good but I needed something better than adfly. I was bored with the system. After some hours of researching, I found the best site which is like adfly but with a different concept. It’s a new site but after some research, I found that it’s an another product of a well-known company.

The site I’m introducing to you is


I researched and found that it’s a product of a well reputed Canadian company called Rodee web designing & services. They pay more than any other link shortening services. They have 24/7 phone support which is awesome. They are a verified business in PayPal. The Minimum payout is $2 which you can earn with few hours of work if you have the resources to spread links.

How works.

Similar to adfly they show banner ads rather than the skip ad button. Here is and a screen shot of  what you see after you’ve clicked on an link.

adhulk security test

In order to proceed to the destination URL, you need to click on the 1987 banner ad. This is how generate its revenue. The generated revenue is then distributed to the users who work for

What you need to do is head to the and go to the chop link section. Paste your long URL and click on chop button to create the shorter version. Finally, spread your shortened link where ever you’ll find it to get traffic to your link. Below are some methods for you to know.

Ways to spread your links

Method 1 (Share Youtube videos on Facebook)

Go to Youtube and find a popular video which will attract users. Copy the Youtube URL and visit Login to your account and go to the chop link section. Finally, chop the Youtube URL and share it on Facebook. You can share links on Fan pages and Facebook groups.

Method 2 (Build Your own empire on Facebook)

This is not actually a method what I’m suggesting is a way to get a lot of friends to your profile. Search add me groups on Facebook. Join with them and ask others to become friends with you. Another way to get a lot of friends is to play a Facebook game. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one. Most of the games on Facebook have gifts systems where you need more friends to send gifts and receive. So people who play the same game tends to add you as a friend on Facebook. When you have a significant amount of friends you can share your links on your wall to let others see.

Method 3 (Share Your in forums)

Well, I know that this method doesn’t include Facebook to spread your links. In this method what you need to do is find forums where you are allowed to make links. For example Yahoo answer. Get into a conversation with other members. During the conversation when you need to send users to an external site chop that link with to earn money.

Other URL shortening services where you’ll earn money

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