Otohits alternatives. Must know alternative by every webmaster.

otohits alternativesAre you tired of using Otohits? (I’m not saying that Otohits is a scam) Or may be you want a change a substitute for Otohits. If so then welcome to my post the best Otohits alternatives you’ll ever find on the web.

I hope by the time you know what Otohits means. Just in case if you don’t know anything about Otohits here is a brief introduction about the site.

What is Otohits?

Otohits is a traffic exchange system. After your registration, you will be able to add your sites. But before adding your site you’ll need to earn points using Otohits. The points you earn can be converted to promote your site to the other Otohits users. That’s it, that’s all you need to know about Otohits.

Disadvantages using Otohits.

  • Well there are some disadvantages of using Otohits. Because there are better site to drive traffic than Otohits. The main disadvantage of Otohits is that it wouldn’t help you to increase your alexa rank.
  • The other disadvantage is that you wouldn’t get any SEO value to your site. Which means you wouldn’t get traffic from search engine. Which is a big no for you site.

What is Alexa rank and the importance of having a good one?

Alexa rank is a rough idea of the website popularity compared to other sites on the web. Having a good Alexa rank is a must for everyone who looks for better rankings on the Google. Search engines pays a special attention on Alexa rank when they list sites on the search result. Lower the Alexa rank is the better. A lower Alexa rank means your site is popular on the web.

When more and more people visits your site it grabs the attention of Google’s bot. This site must be popular coz lot of people visits the site. When your site gets lot of traffic search engines also tends to send traffic on your way. This is the main advantage of having a good Alexa rank.

Advantages of having a good Alexa rank.

  • It improve the search engine visibility of your site. More traffic from search engines.
  • Increase value of your site. You can sell your site for a higher price if you want to.
  • Advertisers are attracted to your site. More revenue from your site
  • etc.

So how to increase your Alexa rank? (Shhhh….this is a secret)

Do you want a secret that other webmasters don’t tell you. Well unlike Otohits there are website with added advantages. The best example is Alexa Master. In order to increase your Alexa rank all you have to do is submit your site to AM system. Earn points and let it run by itself.

If you constantly drive traffic from AM, I’m sure you’ll see an increase of your organic traffic. I know many of you struggle to get search engine traffic. Let the AM do it’s charm.

Special Note: If you need to increase Alexa rank rapidly I highly recommend you to buy a package that AM offers to it’s users. My favorite one is VIP package which enables cool features.


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