Nail and Spa in Kelowna

Looking for Nail and Spa in Kelowna? Most travelers don’t know how to find the best nail spa while they are traveling abroad. This article is to explain most popular nail and spa services in Kelowna.

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Kelowna is the main tourist spot in British Columbia since last decades. The beautiful valley can easily attract thousands of tourists from USA, Europe and also from Asia.  But is it easy to find a nail and spa in Kelowna?

How many Nail and Spa in Kelowna?

There are many nail spa in Kelowna valley. Specially, manicure, pedicure, waxing services. The main problem is their prices. Some of them are really unprofessional who will take your money by damaging your natural beauty. The only one nail and spa that we can recommend is, Victoria’s Nails & Spa.

Victoria’s Nails & Spa

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Victoria’s Nails & Spa is located in West Kelowna and also in Glenmore. They are a professional crew of nail care services, mainly manicure, pedicure, waxing and body treatments. They come with modern cosmetics and latest technology by providing 365 days office hours in West Bank, Glenmore.

modern nail spa
Modern nail spa in Kelowna


Other Popular Nail Spa in Kelowna

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