Mount Agung Volcano Trips Again!

Mount Agung Volcano has erupted again in 2017 and everyone is scared to travel there. Most volcano trips are cancelled and travel guides are totally worried about this hard time. Normally, mount agung volcano is a silent hill and not a terrible volcano like yellow stone national park. Somehow, travelers are still scared to climb there. But when we can spend our evening on the top of agung?

Mount Agung Volcano
a nice photo of Mount Agung volcano taken by blogspot member

Mount Agung Volcano Risk Factor

Bagus Sudarma is an Indonesian travel guide who is living in Bali island. After having 1 hour of phone call he explained us many things about this giant volcano. And he specially mentioned the history of this spiritual mountain. Locals still believe that the god is living on the top of Mount Agung. Bagus started his explanation with a sad voice.

Bagus Sudarman
Bagus Sudarman

Since the eruption started, I was unable to get any customer for my travel service. Bali Private Tour, my travel service is the safest travel service and trip adviser in Bali. Australian, Chinese, Japanese (my favorite), even Europeans are scared to stay in Bali. Trust me, the volcano will never become a monster. Erupting means it releases its pressure and the risk will decrease dramatically.


What Indonesian Government Think?

Bali is a Hindi state in Indonesia. There are more than 85% hindus who are unlike Indians. Balinisian hindus are more like chinese/japanese/korean cultural people. Everyone has their own temple inside the house and they are not almost vegetarians. Indonesia is not a rich country. But Bali is a rich state where the government look more about tourists. They are providing their best support for tourists and as Bagus told us, his travel service has a special travel route to Surabaya, Jakarta even the air port is closed.

If you fly to Bali (may be specially for Mount Agung Volcano Trips), we recommend you to keep your eye on MAGMA Indonesia website. The Indonesian government will always update that site and will alert you with latest volcanic eruptions including earthquakes.

Other Volcanoes in Bali island

Indonesia is located in Pacific Ring of Fire. Therefore, Bali island has another two main volcanoes. Anyway, there are three more in Bali. Just look at the list below.

Mount Batur (Gunung Batur)

This active volcano is located at the center of two concentric calderas north west of Mount Agung. The south east side of the larger 9.5×12.5 km caldera contains a caldera lake. The inner 7.4-kilometer-wide caldera, that was formed during emplacement of Ubud ignimbrite, has been dated at about 23,672 and 28,501 years ago.

Mount Batur

Mount Merbuk

This is another beautiful monster hill that can erupt anytime. Mount merbuk volcano is not active at this time. Anyway, we recommend you to be updated with MAGMA website.

Bratan Volcano

Bratan (Catur or Tjatur) contains three caldera lakes at the north of Bali island. The volcanic complex covers 10 × 5 km wide area. The largest post-caldera cone within the complex is Gunung Batukaru.

Can we start Mount Agung Volcano Trips again?

As Sudarman’s local websites has shown, they are currently offer trips to Mount Batur. We cannot promise you anything on this blog post. But we are sure one thing. That is we must die one day. Why don’t we forget about natural disasters and start mount agung volcano trips now?

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