Legacy hits review. Avoid at all cost. The perfect solution.

Legacy hitsHave you heard of free traffic exchange Legacy hits? You may wonder whether it’s a scam or legit site. Some people have claimed that it’s a fraud. Well in this review I’m not going to recommend you Legacy hits instead in here I’m going to suggest you a site far more good than Legacy hits.

Disadvantages of Legacy Hits.

  1. Traffic from Legacy Hits wouldn’t help you to increase search engine rankings.
  2. Traffic from Legacy Hits only stays for a few seconds. This increases the bounce rate of your site. Which ultimately leave a bad mark on your site in the eyes of search engines.
  3. Legacy hits traffic wouldn’t increase your Alexa rank.
  4. etc

What you need is…

  • A website that helps to increase Alexa rank of your site. Increasing Alexa rank helps you tremendously to perform well on search engines.
  • You need quality visitors that stays on your sites for few minutes. So it wouldn’t increase your bounce rate.
  • etc

So is there a way to achieve all this?

Yes, there is. I’m gonna talk more about how you could achieve all the things I mentioned above. The site I’m recommending is called Alexa Master.

Why Alexa Master?

  • Alexa Master helps you to increase Alexa rank of your site. This increase your search engine rankings for you favorite keywords.
  • AM doesn’t increase the bounce rate of your site. Visitors from AM stays for a long time comparing to other traffic exchanges.
  • Alexa Master is an awesome site with a lot of features that enables you to get good Google’s ranking.
  • It’s a well reputed Canadian company who serve well for their customers.
  • etc.

Here is my personal experience.

Like most of the webmasters. I was desperate to drive traffic to my website. It’s like I had no hope. I almost gave up blogging. That’s where one of my friends introduce me to the Alexa Master. Today I’m in great debt with AM for sending me quality traffic. Thank Alexa master Now I receive a steady traffic to my site daily.

For my astonishment ever since I submit my site to Alexa master I started to receive traffic from Google to my site. I was so thrilled that Alexa master works. As I researched through the web I found that many people found great results with Alexa Master.

I invite you to try Alex master and see the difference for yourself.

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