Kalpitiya Sri Lanka. Things to do, visit, stay. Your Ultimate Guide.

KalpitiyaKalpitiya is Located in North Western province in Puttalam district. There are 14 islands in Kalpitiya. They are Battalangunduwa, Palliyawatta, Vellai I, Vellai II, Vellai III, Uchchamunai, Ippantivu, Periya Arichchalai, Sinna Arichchalai, Eramutivu, Sinna Eramutivu, Eramutivu West, Kakativu, Mutwal(Dutch Bay).

The collection of these islands brings the serene beauty of its own to Kalpitiya. Due to that tourists are attracted to experience Kalpitiya for its unique natural beauty. For more details of Kalpitiya refer this Wikipedia article.

Top 10 Things to do around Kalpitiya.


Peninsula of Kalpitiya is a great place to experience kitesurfing. It’s well renowned to have a good wind throughout the year.

Kalpitiya wind seasons.

South West Monsoon season

Lasts from May and October. Average wind is 22 – 25 knots peaking around 30 knots. The perfect time for kitesurfers.

North West Monsoon season

Last from December to March. Average wind is 15 -20 knots. For more details about kitesurfing, please visit the below links.




Whale and  Dolphin watching

If you are coming to see whales the best time is November / December and March/April. Dolphin and Whale watching rates will be approximately Rs 15,000 – 20,000 per boat. If you are a foreign visitors you have to get a ticket from The Department of Wild Life for 10 dollars. For more details of Whale and Dolphin watching please refer these articles below.



Boat rides

Boat rides around the Lagoon are gaining popularity among the tourist. Read the below article to find more details about boat rides in Kalpitiya



From November to the end of March, The wind calms down, Kalpitiya becomes a different place.During this time the sea becomes calms. It’s high time to watch dolphins and whales when they come into surface. For campers, this is the best season to enjoy Kalpitiya.

Camping tents


If you decide to snorkel, the best place is Bar Reef at the peninsula. It has the largest biodiversity among Sri Lankan corals. If you decide to visit Bar Reef be cautious not to harm the Marine Sanctuary in the area. For more details about snorkeling in Kalpitiya please see the below article.


Deep-sea diving

Kalpitiya (Sri Lanka), One of the booming dive location in Sri Lanka. The safe and large marine life and corals in Kalpitiya sea (Indian Ocean) is amazingly beautiful and started to attract divers and other tourists on its way. For more details about diving places please refer the below article.


Bird watching

Best places to visit in Kalpitiya.

Bar Reef

The Bar Reef is a system of coral reefs just offshore from Sri Lanka’s Kalpitiya peninsula. It has the greatest biodiversity of any coral reef in the waters around India and is one of the few pristine coral reef systems in Sri Lanka. Here are some photos were taken by divers.

bar reef

Coral Reef in Kalpitiya

Alankuda Beach

Alankuda beach has its own unique beauty that would calm your mind and soul. Follow the below link to see the map of Alankuda beach.


The Old Dutch Church

Follow this link to find more details about the Old Dutch Church

Old Dutch Church

The Baywatch beach

Baththalangunduwa Kalpitiya

Best hotels, bungalows, Lagoons, villas and guest houses in Kalpitiya.

5-star 4-star hotels.

We could only found one 5 star hotel in Kalpitiya which is Dutch Bay Resort.

Other famous hotels in Kalpitiya.

  • Dolphin Beach Resort
  • Hotel udekki
  • kalpitiya kite beach villas
  • kalpitiya ruuk village
  • palagama beach
  • The Rascals Kite Resort
  • Rosaanne Beach Resort
  • Bar reef resort
  • Ruwala resort
  • Aarya Lagoon
  • anantaya kalpitiya
  • dutch bay resort
  • calpentyn kalpitiya
  • cocodance kalpitiya
  • divya kalpitiya
  • Diyamba
  • villa 17 kalpitiya

Kalpitiya map

Distance from Kalpitiya to important Places in Sri Lanka.

  • Colombo : 166 Km
  • Puttulam : 23 Km
  • Wilpattu : 114 Km
  • Negombo : 132 Km
  • Dambulla : 171 Km
  • Anuradhapura : 120 Km
  • Chilaw : 89 Km
  • airport : 140 Km
  • Nochchiyagama : 94 Km
  • NuwaraEliya : 235 Km
  • Bentota : 204 Km
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