This hack will increase your Alexa ranking super fast.

alexa hackNow let me tell you, how I boost my Alexa Rank instantly. This Awesome hack will  improve your Alexa rank in no time. This a well know secret and one of the easiest method most of the webmasters wouldn’t tell you. But I’m here to spill the secret.

Before we proceed to the method I want to give you a quick word of how the Alexa rank is calculated.
The algorithm according to which Alexa traffic ranking is calculated, is simple. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months.

So in order to increase Alexa rank, it’s a must to get visitors who have installed Alexa toolbar.
Well, I here most people advise you to submit your site to a traffic exchange site. Seriously will it increase my Alexa rank.

The answer is a big NO…

So what is the secret?

I found a site where you can get quality visits meanwhile increasing the Alexa rank. It’s kind of a hack to increase Alexa rank. All you have to do is submit your site and sit back while increasing your Alexa rank.

Tell me more…I need to know how…

Well, here we go…The site I’m introducing is


  • Well because every user on Alexamaster has the Alexa toolbar installed to their browser. This  is why it differentiate with other traffic exchange sites. Coz meanwhile you increase your Alexa rank you’ll be bombarded with real traffic.
  • Alexa Master is owned by a well reputed Canadian Company called Rodee web design and services. So it’s trustworthy put your online business to have more visibility.
  • Alexamaster brings you quality traffic that can be tracked by Google analytic. This proves the legitimacy of the program.
  • The customer support is awesome and quick. Don’t believe me, submit a support ticket and see for yourself. I sure you’ll be answered as soon as possible.

So what is the difference?

Since now you know how the Alexa rank is calculated you must have an idea that it’s essential the people visit your site has to have Alexa toolbar on their browser. So when people from visits your site it’ll give a huge boost in Alexa rank.

That’s it I gave you my secret. Now head on to the to create your account.

What you need to do after creating your account

After you have created your account you’ll have to earn points or buy them for real money. When you have enough points you can submit your site to Alexa Master system. To earn free points you can do small tasks like a voting website, liking Facebook fan pages. etc. The easy navigation will help you to do all these things without a hassle. The instructions will be provided when you sign up for the program.

Opinion of other users who have used

  • This is Ahmed again. Dear Alexa Master, I never forget your help. I have a small website and now I am trying to sell it. Its Alexa was around 40,000,000 before. But after your great tool, my website has become around 10,000,000. The amazing information is it took only a few days. Wow, this is great.
  • Alexamaster is the smart way to increase your Alexa Rank. I have heard so much about it, a really good tool that can bring great results.
  • Actually Alexa rank doesn’t matter that much, but after the Page and domain Authority, advertisers always check Alexa rank to analyze any website to advertise in there. Alexa Master is the cool way to do it.
  • We get 3000 to 5000 unique visitors from alexamaster daily, hope to reach less than 100k ranking soon.
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