How to increase Alexa rank? The ultimate trick.

get alexa trafficIt’s a dream of every webmaster to have quality visitors comes into their site daily. Would you like to know the ultimate solution to increase Alexa rank? After searching countless time I was fed up. I need to up my Alexa rank and boost my site in Google search engine. There seems to be no solution for my problem. That’s where I was introduced by my friend to

It was a dream come true

After submitting my site to Alexamaster it gave me a huge boost in Alexa rank within few week. By and by I started to receive Google’s love that drove me a significant amount of daily traffic to my site.

I was thrilled with my result. Thanks to Alexamaster I’m a happy webmaster now. I encourage you to start using Alexamaster today.

What you need to do. How to increase Alexa rank?

Go to and create your account. After that you need to earn points by watching YouTube videos, liking Facebook fan pages, and voting sites. When you earn a significant amount of points you can use them to promote your site.

If you are short on time like me 🙂 just buy a package for the cheapest price. My favorite one is becoming a VIP. It lets you change daily traffic limit. Adding more than one website. Getting continent targeted traffic. and country targeted traffic. Getting Phone/Tablet traffic. Control visit duration/bounce rate. Hide/Mask traffic referrer. Advanced traffic history report. Request to reset Bad Votes. 10x your Daily Bonus. Adding Banner/Text ads. So why are you waiting for let’s be in the cool crowd.

Here is what people say about

  • This is the easiest way to get traffic to my site. I love Alexamaster for letting me tap into their traffic source.
  • Alexa Master saved my time. Boost my Alexarank within few weeks.
  • The site does exactly what it says. I’m so impressed with the result.
  • I love the site. The support is awesome. I’m getting a steady traffic flow to my site. Thank you, Alexa Master for your service.
  • Alexamaster is the smart way to increase your Alexa Rank. I have heard so much about it, a really good tool that can bring great results.
  • I pay attention to Alexa rank because it’s an important measurement. An only special tool like Alexamaster can increase the rank.
  • Actually Alexa rank doesn’t matter that much, but after the Page and domain Authority, advertisers always check Alexa rank to analyze any website to advertise in there. Alexa Master is the cool way to do it.
  • We get 3000 to 5000 unique visitors from Alexamaster daily, hope to reach less than 100k ranking soon.
  • As far as I have noticed, installing Alexa toolbar have very less effect on Alexa rankings. TOnly traffic is the most important thing that changes ranking.
  • I was looking for a way to increase Alexa rank. Finally, stumble upon Alexa master. The site does exactly what I expected it to be. I’m so thrilled with the awesome service they provide.
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