The one and only best Hitleap alternative you’ll ever need.

sites like hitleapAre you tired of Hitleap? Would you like know a similar site like Hitleap. This review will give you a better insight about a site called It’s one and the only alternative you’ll ever find compared to Hitleap. It’s even more beneficial than HL

Disadvantages of using Hitleap

Few ways to earn minutes.

There are only a few ways to earn minute. Unlike in Alexa Master where you have various ways to earn points, Hitleap lacks in features like that.

Smaller audience

The audience is too small to promote your website.

Doesn’t improve Alexa rank

It’s the big disadvantage for users using HL. To improve Alexa rank you need to have visitors who has Alexa toolbar installed into their browsers. That’s why Alexa Master is different with other traffic exchange sites. Every AM user has the Alexa toolbar installed into their browsers. This would give you a huge boost in Alexa rank. Below is a brief explanation of the importance of Alexa rank.

The important of Alexa rank.

Alexa rank has a huge importance even today. Because it improves the search engine visibility of a site. Having a good Alexa rank is a must if you are serious about your online business.

A good Alexa rank gets the attention of  advertisers. Most of the advertisers check the Alexa rank of a site before they invest in that website.

Why Alexa Master?

  • Alexa Master improve your Alexa rank meanwhile getting quality traffic to your site. With Alexa master, You have various ways to earn points. As I mentioned above you can do small jobs, like Facebook fan pages, vote websites etc.
  • No bot traffic. All the traffic is from users that actually surf online. Well, you can see the visitors in your Google analytic.
  • You can earn money too. You can’t be millionaires using Alexa Master. But you can generate small residual income for your pocket if you use Alexa Master in a proper way.
  • The customer support is awesome. The staff of Alexa Master does a great job answering supporting tickets and calls.
  • The company is trustworthy. Alexa Master is owned by Rodee Web Designs and Services which is situated in Canada.
  • Alexa master has a huge audience where you can promote your website to thousands of Alexa Master users.

What people say about Alexa Master.

  1. Here are some reviews I found on the web about
  2. Alexa master is the best traffic exchange site to boost your online business.
  3. After I submit my site to Alexa Master I was ranked on the first page of Google for a lot of keywords. Thank you, Alexa Master, for providing quality traffic to my site.
  4. I was contacted by several advertisers to put banner ads on my site thanks to Alexa Master.
  5. It works. Boosting Alexa ranking can be useful to have more power in advertising/affiliate deals, get more conversions on a product by looking more popular on the web etc.
  6. I can see the rank of my site increasing, in less than 5 days. I love it.
  7. Since all the surfers have Alexa toolbar installed, this increases the rank of a website very rapidly. Thank You.

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