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URL shortener moneyThere are many URL shortening services that would pay you to shorten links. I’ve tried many and fed up that no one pays for the hard work I do to promote them. It was a friend who told me about a new site called He said that he already got the first payment(2 dollars) within few hours of work. He said all he does is shortening URLs and sharing them on his Facebook fan page. He also told me something about ranking system which seems to be good.

So I checked the site by myself

The site looked well built from the inside out. The instructions were given clearly. What you need to do is chop links. It means that shortening links according to the site. The sites seem to be new so I was skeptical of using it with out researching about the site.

Here is what I found

To be amazed I found that it’s another product of a well establish company called Rodee web design & services. Although is new I found that it’s run by a trusted Canadian company. This cleared my doubts about the site.

So I started my journey to earn money through

What I did was….

It was an easy task to chop links but the hard part was to promote them. The first link I chopped was a Youtube video. Which went viral and bought me 1 dollar of cash. I was impressed with the result. It took me about 30 minutes to earn my first dollar from

Then I started sharing shortened URLs on Facebook fan pages and Facebook groups. Although it was less successful like the first method it delivered me few clicks on my shortened URLs.

How works.

Here is a sample shortnd link.


When you click on the above link you’ll be presented with a page with some banner ads and a website. Here is how it looks

adhulk security test

after you click on 1987 you’ll be redirected to your target destination. Advertisers pay money to show these banner ads to people who click on shortened links. The earned revenue is shared among the users for their efforts.

What I like about the adhulk is it’s not the typical spammy method where you have to skip the ad to reach the destination. People tend to believe that this is a human verification that they have to pass in order to reach target destination.

Oh I almost forgot remember that I told you something about adhulk ranking system. Here is a brief introduction. In below you’ll see how the ranking system rewards you. level system

In order to reach higher rankings what you need to do is share your chopped links to get more clicks. Getting referrals under you etc.

Ways to promote your links

  1. As I mention above. You can create YouTube videos and promote your links in the description area. A good method creates lyrics videos on popular songs. When a new song releases by a famous singer hurry up and create a lyrics video about that song. Then upload it to YouTube. I’m sure that your video will be viewed by a lot of people. In order to make a revenue of the video just use an link in the description area.
  2. Owning your own Fan pages is a good way to promote your links. What you need to do is promote viral posts on your fan page. But before that, you’ll need to have a well established fan page. If you put your effort I don’t think it wouldn’t be hard to create one. Invite your friends to like your page so you could get some initial likes. After that putting post that people would love to share among their friends. This would give you organic likes as time goes. When you have a good fan base shorten your links with to earn revenue from your fan page.
  3. Promote you links on forums. There are thousands of forums where people get to know each other. Find forums and get into discussion with others. When you want to link to an external webpage just shorten that URL with to earn revenue.
  4. Create your own blog. Starting a blog is pretty easy these days. You can use a service like Write content and drive traffic to your blog. When you receive significant amount of traffic start monetizing your blog with links.

I hope you understand now why is the top paying URL shortener in the world. Also, I hope you enjoyed the method I’ve shared with you. As a help you can,

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