Hashapple scam review. The truth exposed.

hashapple oficial siteRead our Hashapple review to the end to see the truth of the site. Then you can decide and see for yourself whether the site is a fraud or not. We have analyzed the site and summarized the essence of Hashapple. This unbiased criticism will help you to figure out whether the site is legit or scam. If you have any complaints please don’t forget to put a comment below.

I’ve researched about the site and couldn’t found any true reviews of the site. Since the site is new there are few details about the site.

Hashapple Introduction

Hashapple is a company that concentrates on bitcoin cloud mining. All you need to do is to just purchase bitpack. And then they will distribute a mining machine for you, which will help you in mining 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, until the utmost return of 115%~135% is reached.

For example
If you purchase $5 bit pack, you will get a total of $5.75.
If you purchase $50 bit pack, you will get a total of $67.5.

For more rewards
If you have purchased bitpack with 3 referrals, you will receive an additional 1% reward.
If reach 30 referrals target, you will receive an additional 5% reward.

What is cool about the site is if you are not satisfied with the system you can 100% refund your money.

Hashapple bitpack

Hashapple special features.

Why join us?

1.Earn bitcoin cloud Mining for every 60 minutes.
2.Earn Up to 135% from bitpacks.
3.Earn Up to 10% from every purchase.
4.Money return from bitcoin mining pool daily.
5.Bitpack as low as $5
6.No any management fee,electric Fee.
7.No need to buy hardware .
8.Withdraw at as many as you want daily
9.100% refund guaranteed
10.Quick support team within 24 hours.

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