GoldenClix scam review. Must read before joining. official siteGoldenClix is not a new site came into PTC world. It has been around for some time in the online world. Read our review to the end see the truth of the site. You can decide and see whether the site is a fraud or not. We have analyzed the site summarizes the essence of GoldenClix. This unbiased criticism will help you to figure out whether the site is legit or not.

I’ve researched about the site read some good reviews of the site. But I highly recommend you to stay away from PTC site. Coz there are far better methods you can earn money from the internet.

Before we get into the review see why I dislike PTC sites

  • If you used a PTC site even for one day. You know that the earning potential is pretty low. Even though most of them claims to give you unlimited earning potential. Your chance is to earn even 10 bucks is very rare.
  • The other thing is most of them go scam within few months. So all your effort is lost.
  • You only earn in pennies for your hard work.

Something better than PTC.

Would you like to know an awesome method to earn money for shortening URLs? Yes this concept may new to you but you’ll earn couple of times more than what you earn in a PTC site. What you need to do is head to the and start your journey today.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to the Adhulk and create your account.
  2. Then pick a URL you want to shorten.
  3. Shorten the URL you picked using Adhulk.
  4. Now you want to share your shortened URL. For example, you can post your URL on Facebook.
  5. Finally get traffic to your shorten URL can and enjoy your earnings.

Some details for you to know.

See Goldenclix Alexa rank.

Alexa rank is a good point to see the site’s popularity. If the site has a good Alexa rank it means the site receive a good amount of traffic. Another good point is to check information

Here are the whois details about the site.

Goldenclix has not hidden their info which is a good sign. Following the link, you can find the name of the owner and more about the site.

The site has a forum. Since the site is old they have a good active forum inside Goldenclix

Here is the link to Goldenclix forum.

GoldenClix introduction.

GoldenClix is a new international and FREE English based service. The site has a lot of negative opinion from users. Here are some reviews I found through on the web.

  • paid for a while then banned all his top investors…
  • The biggest scammer group I’ve ever seen!
  • Goldenclix is a fake site totally , it is not giving any single money to its user
  • Does not pay will not resend an activation code, why do they let you in every day and send emails to you but will not let you cash out?
  • only certain people get paid and the others don’t . if you ask about your payment then YOUR ACCOUNT IS SUSPENDED.

Minimum Payout

You may request a payment once you have reached $5 in your account balance. The minimum for First Time Payout is $5 for all members. Next one is $2 for upgraded members.

Payment methods benefits

If ever scammed by the GoldenClix please post a comment below so that others could see what’s happening.

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