Get paid for traffic exchange. Earn money right away.

Traffic exchange moneyWell I talked about free traffic exchanges in previous post. In this article I focus on Get paid for traffic exchange sites. Well it’s true some traffic exchange sites pays you money for using their services. The most legitimate site I found is

Alexa master has a point system. You can earn points for voting sites, auto surfing, watching YouTube videos , liking Facebook fan pages, etc. The earned points can be converted into real money.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is 5 dollars. If has enough points to convert them into real money you can withdraw your money from your PayPal account.

What special about Alexa master

  • Alexa master is run by well reputed Canadian Company called Rodee web designs & services.
  • 24/7 support to keep working. Support tickets are answered without a delay.
  • A forum to discuss anything.
  • A transparent platform to work.
  • A reasonable payout.
  • Quick & safe processes.
  • Trusted payment sources.
  • 60% from referral purchases.
  • 25% of their points income.
  • 0.1 USD for every real signup.

Other traffic exchanges that pays to surf.

How to find legitimate websites which truly pays for its members.

  • Check whether if they have a forum. Which is a good indicator whether they are not a scam?
  • Check if they have a contact number. Call the number and see whether it’s working.
  • Submit a support ticket. See how long will it take to answer.
  • See if the have a URL begins with HTTPS. Which gives you a secured accesses to the site.
  • Research the company history. Check whether if they have a good track record for satisfying its users.

Yes, there is a site which satisfies all the above requirements and that is non other than After researching some time I realized that it’s the best site to earn money while surfing other sites.

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