Get paid for traffic exchange. Earn money right away.

Traffic exchange moneyWell I talked about free traffic exchanges in previous post. In this article I focus on Get paid for traffic exchange sites. Well it’s true some traffic exchange sites pays you money for using their services. The most legitimate site I found is

Alexa master has a point system. You can earn points for voting sites, auto surfing, watching YouTube videos , liking Facebook fan pages, etc. The earned points can be converted into real money.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum payout is 5 dollars. If has enough points to convert them into real money you can withdraw your money from your PayPal account.

What special about Alexa master

  • Alexa master is run by well reputed Canadian Company called Rodee web designs & services.
  • 24/7 support to keep working. Support tickets are answered without a delay.
  • A forum to discuss anything.
  • A transparent platform to work.
  • A reasonable payout.
  • Quick & safe processes.
  • Trusted payment sources.
  • 60% from referral purchases.
  • 25% of their points income.
  • 0.1 USD for every real signup.

Other traffic exchanges that pays to surf.

How to find legitimate websites which truly pays for its members.

  • Check whether if they have a forum. Which is a good indicator whether they are not a scam?
  • Check if they have a contact number. Call the number and see whether it’s working.
  • Submit a support ticket. See how long will it take to answer.
  • See if the have a URL begins with HTTPS. Which gives you a secured accesses to the site.
  • Research the company history. Check whether if they have a good track record for satisfying its users.

Yes, there is a site which satisfies all the above requirements and that is non other than After researching some time I realized that it’s the best site to earn money while surfing other sites.

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  1. Aira4u

    I’m glad you highlighted Alexa Master. The company is legit and pays on time. I’ve been paid 6 times for my effort. Happy with their service.

  2. RicaAngel

    When it comes to get paid with traffic exchanges. Alexa Master is the top one from all the other exchange sites. I glad to be a member of

  3. akioayumu

    Danm I can’t post earning proofs in the comment section. BTW I received payment from Alexa Master. It was quick. Happy with their service.

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