1. Ahamad

    Wow, your article is great. Love the way you write things. Well explained and easy to understand. Thank you for your great post.

  2. Asha

    Your suggestion that the widget improves your ranking is definitely accurate, but I don’t think it is because all the visitors to your site are downloading the toolbar.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      Yes, Increasing Alexa rank means more visitors for your site. This alerts Google bots that your site is popular. Which ultimately increase your Alexa rank.

  3. Shone

    Some claim that sharing your site on social media would help you to increase Alexa rank. Is this true? What are your thoughts about this idea?

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      If you get traffic from social media that would help you to increase Alexa rank. But I don’t think that having fake shares would do any good in the future.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      There are many benefits having a good Alexa rank. It attracts more advertisers to your site. Improves search engine rankings, etc. You can google to see the benefits of having a good AR.

  4. Bob

    Writing great content is the key to rank on Google. If you keep writing great articles increase in Alexa rank happens automatically.

  5. Nashkota

    I have seen many posts which says that adding Alexa widget help in creasing the Alexa rank. Is that really works? Do you have proof? Is this your personal experience?

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      Yes, I have personally experience that having Alexa widget improves you AR. If you want there are more proofs on the internet.

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