Are you looking for a way to get Alexa rank for your website?

increase alexa rankAre you still wondering to get an Alexa rank for your website? Well, you have come to the right place. Here I’m going to explain you a simple method to get an Alexa rank in no time. If you check your Alexa rank in and got no rank for your website you probably have low traffic to your site.

In order to get a good Alexa rank, you need traffic to your website. Don’t worry, later in this article, I’m about to reveal a awesome method to drive traffic to your website.

What is Alexa rank and how it’s calculated?

Alexa rank is a rough idea of the website popularity on the web. Here are the world top 500 sites which receive most of the traffic on the web. As you can see the number one site is

Alexa rank is calculated using the data provided by Alexa toolbar. Many people all around the world have installed Alexa toolbar into their browser. So when people who have installed Alexa toolbar visits a site that’s a valid Alexa visitor on the website. So to improve Alexa rank you need more people to visit your site who has installed Alexa toolbar into their browser.

Alexa toolbar

What if you have a good amount of traffic and still no Alexa rank for the website?

If this is the problem what you need to do is get as many as Alexa traffic to your site. Huh, What the hell is Alexa traffic?

As I explained above Alexa traffic is people who have installed Alexa toolbar into their browser. If most of your visitors installed Alexa toolbar this would give you a huge boost in your Alexa rank. More Alexa visits the better.

Here is the best place to get Alexa traffic.


I’m going to reveal a website called Alexa Master(AM) where can you get targeted Alexa visits to your site? Before that let’s see what is Alexa Master and what it does?

AM is a traffic exchange site where you can get targetted Alexa traffic to your site. What you need to do is submit your site to AM and watch your Alexa rank improve rapidly. But you need points to promote your site on AM. In order to get points you need to surf other users sites on AM or you can buy points for real money.

This is the best method to improve your Alexa rank. For your benefit here are some more tricks for you to increase Alexa rank.

Method 1: Join

As I mentioned above this is the best choice when it comes increase your Alexa rank. You can either pay your way to increasing Alexa rank or use the free method available in AM.

Method 2: Install Alexa widget on your website

Alexa rank widget

If you use WordPress for your site. You can install this plugin to your site. The Alexa Rank Widget easily allows adding a widget in WordPress sidebar. Just in case your site is not on WordPress refer this article to install Alexa widget to your site.

What this does is let access traffic data on your website. I’ve heard a lot of people have increased their Alexa rank just by installing Alex toolbar on their website.

Method 3: Try to drive traffic from search engines.

You can write unique content and try to rank for long tails keywords. Remember if you join AM. It also helps you to increase your Google rankings.

Method 4: Watch the below video for more tips

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