Top free traffic exchange sites list to drive quality traffic. Updated 2016.

traffic-exchange After hours of researching, I found a list of sites that would stand out among many other traffic exchange sites. I guarantee that these are 100% free for you to try. When it comes to traffic exchange sites you have two choices. Either you can submit your site to auto surf site or submit it to a manual traffic exchange site. Both methods are free for you to try.

My number #1 recommendation

My number one and the best of all traffic exchange site is

Why Alexa master?

Alexa master is mainly focused on increasing Alexa rank. Meanwhile increasing Alexa rank they provide quality traffic to your site. The importance of having a good Alexa rank is that it’ll give you a huge boost in search engines for your content. The other advantage is that you can earn money for using AM system.

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a rough idea of website popularity. Having a good Alexa rank increases your visibility on the web. It’s good to have a Lower  Alexa rank. The lower the number the better. Which indicates that your site is popular on the web.

It happened to me

After I submitted my site to within few weeks my Alexa rank was up. I was receiving real traffic from real people. It was strange I started receiving huge waves of traffic to my site. Then I researched and found that having a good Alexa rank would increase your search engine visibility.  It caused to grab the attention from Google’s bots.

Another good thing happened which I didn’t expect. I was contacted by advertisers to put banner ads on my site. I was thrilled. It was a dream come true. Finally, I was making money online.

How Alexa master works?

Your first step would be log into AM system and earn points. You can earn points for liking Facebook fan pages, watch youtube videos, vote website, etc. These earned points can be used to get a quality visit for your site. If you have enough points all you have to do is submit your site to Alexa master and watch the magic happens.

I sure you’ll have great success with the Alexa master system.

Here are some other traffic exchange sites for you to know.

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  1. Aira4u

    Good site list. I find it very useful as a webmaster. Glad you highlighted Alexa Master. It truly is the best traffic exchange that I know.

  2. RicaAngel

    I loved EasyHits4U for a long time till I find Alexa Master. Damn where was it before. I wish I found it on the first place. Alexa Master is awesome. BTW it’s a great list of traffic exchange sites.

  3. lavishkujo

    Loved reading your story. I learned lot by reading your articles. Increasing Alexa rank for SEO purposes is different concept for me. Will surely try it out.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      The thing is most webmasters don’t know that Alexa rank plays a huge role in SEO. Try what I’ve mentioned above and see the difference.

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