eRmail review. Not a scam but a waste of time. Updated 2016

ermail.comRead our in-depth review to the end see the truth of the site. You can decide and see whether the site is a fraud or not. We have analyzed the site summarizes the essence of eRmail. This unbiased criticism will help you to figure out whether the site is legit or not. We are here to ensure you the site is safe.

I’ve researched about the site and found both negative and positive reviews of the site. But before that let’s have a look at why I don’t like PTR sites.

Before we get into the review see why I dislike PTR sites

  • If you used a PTR site even for one day. You know that the earning potential is pretty low. Even though most of them claims to give you unlimited earning potential. Your chance is to earn even 10 bucks is very rare.
  • The other thing is most of them go scam within few months. So all your effort is lost.
  • Most of the time you don’t receive emails to read.

What is ermail? An Introduction to the site.

In essence, it’s about reading email advertisements. Company’s pay ermail to send their email to its users. The users receive the mail. When they read them they’ll have a small commission for reading the email. This is how it works in brief.

what is ermail

The site is available in 9 languages. Below are the links to all the site with different language.

How to get start with ermail?

What you need to do is enter your email in the Orange space given on the site. Then the instructions will be sent to your email. By signing in you will earn your first 10 USD.

ermail registration

How much will it cost to advertise on ermail?

My guess is the advertising packages a bit higher in price. Since you send emails to untargeted audience, I feel it’s no use to spend that amount of money. So I advise you to spend at your own risk.

ermail advertising packages

How much money can you earn from ermail?

It depends on the location of your in. For example if you are in USA you’ll earn more money for reading mails. The other fact is the number of referrals you have.

ermail how much money

How to get paid from

The minium amount is 100 dollars. When you recieve 100 dollar mark you can either withdraw it to your bank or get a check via mail.

ermail get paid

What is ermail questionnaire?

ermail questionnaire

ermail payment proofs.

Since they pay you via mail. I haven’t seen many payment proofs of the site.

Summery of

From my experience I feel ermail is not worth the time. Because you wouln’t get many email ads for you to read. There are other methods you can earn money through the internet. I wouldn’t say that ermail is scam but it would be a waste of time if you don’t recieve emails to read. For advertisers I suggest that there are other ways to promote your company. The cost of ermail ad pakages are too high.

eRmail review. Not a scam but a waste of time. Updated 2016 Overall rating: ★★☆☆☆ 1.5 based on 2 reviews
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2 5 1
The minimum payout is too high. Can't reach for an average person.

1 5 1
I received few advertisements in the beginning. But it stopped. :(

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