1. Annonymous

    eBesucher is the worst site I found when it comes to traffic exchanges. The customer support sucks just as their service.

  2. rash4u

    eBesucher is a waste of time. Can’t even cover my electricity bill and internet bill. The sites runs on eBesucher is poorly moderated. Big no for eB

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      It’s good to stay away from paid to surf sites. The earning are pretty low. There are other methods to earn money online.

  3. lavish

    I hate all the traffic exchange site. Coz it takes days to earn a small amount. I only use them to drive traffic to my website. That way you can earn more money by monetizing the website.

  4. rica

    Anyone who reads this comment please stop using eBesucher to earn money online. You are wasting your time. There are other methods way better than eB to earn money online.

  5. aira

    Trying to earn money on auto surfing is a joke. But if you have website it’s good way to drive traffic. As to my knowledge Alexa Master is one of the best sites to drive quality traffic. Thanks for the tip.

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