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ebesucher.comAre you got scammed from eBesucher? Did they ban your account without giving you money? Or are you tired of low pay rates of the site? Wondering whether it’s legit or scam. Maybe you worry whether the site is safe or not. I’m gonna give you a solution for all of your questions and doubts. But before that let’s talk more about eBesucher.

What is eBesucher?

eBesucher is both an auto surf site and a mail exchange program. In auto surf section you’ll visit sites in return of points. These points can be converted into real money or can be used to promote your site. It works best when you download the restarter, their starter restarts the browser when it crashes.

A note of warning, some of the websites you visit will try and tell you a program is out of date, just ignore it, it’s malware, ebesucher will move on. If you really want to check if a program is out of date, visit that companies website.

Another common issue is sometimes they ask to install flash or says you need to update Java on your PC. Don’t fall for this kind of tricks. All this is bogus malware to install various programs into your computer. Sometimes they ask for fill out a survey. This is also another trick to get your attention.

Their payment rates are too low.

It takes 100,000 (points you get from auto surfer) to get €2, the minimum payout. Assuming you do nothing else:

Now You understand you can’t earn big money by auto surfing sites on eBesucher. If you don’t have a good internet connection with unlimited bandwidth please don’t bother to earn money from eBesucher. I’m sure you wouldn’t even cover your internet bill.

Why I dislike eBesucher.

  1. The websites inside the eBesucher system are not properly moderated. As I mentioned above some websites will try to install malware on you PC.
  2. The payment rates are very low comparing to other sites.
  3. The support is not up to the standard. When I ask questions I didn’t get my answer immediately.
  4. etc

Why I choose Alexa Master over eBesucher

  • Well, what most impressed me is the website layout. Unlike eBesucher the site is well built and looked professional.
  • The other thing I found is the pay rates are higher than eBesucher.
  • Customer support is awesome. I got my support tickets answered in minutes.

So why are you waiting for? Let’s join the awesome community of Alexa master and start earning money right away.

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