Easyhits4u scam. Here is my two solutions for your salvation.

easyhits4uAre you tired Easyhits4u and their low payment rates. Ever feel that Easyhits4u scam? I’m here to give you two solution where you can earn a steady income. Well, I used to use Easyhits4u but fed up with their low payment rates. I finally give up the site and searched for an alternatives ways to generate income. That’s where I stumble upon Alexa Master and adhu.lk. A true way to earn money online. During my research, I also found some negative reviews about Easyhits4u.

  • Virus malware infection every other page that I surfed!~! Pretty much a worthless site that sends malware to your PC: If you have a good program, like I do. I surfed like 40 pages and 26 of them kept giving me viruses and malware. My advice is to get as far away from that site as possible.
  • Easyhits4u is stable but very slow earnings…. Need more patience !
  • Account permanent suspended just for promoting TE coop URLs that they previously allowed in the URL check. Not recommended.
  • Just wanted to draw your attention to the fact I have received and email for easyhits4u with a weekly drawing winner promo – the winner being Charles Scovile – I’m suspicious now of easyhits4u, if I could include an image or even forward the email I would. It just seemed weird to see him with his kid as the winner.

Alexa Master my number one recommendation.

alexamaster.com is mainly focused on driving traffic to your website. If you are a webmaster I’m sure you’ll love the platform to get traffic. But in this article, I mainly focus on how you can earn from alexamaster.com.

AM has a point system of its own. To increase points what you have to do is doing small tasks like voting websites and liking Facebook fan pages etc. After you’ve earned a significant amount of points you can convert them into real money. AM has a maximum payout of 5$. You can withdraw your money into PayPal before that.

Here is how it looks inside AM.

screenshot of alexamaster.com

The other product I gonna talk about is adhu.lk.

In simple words adhu.lk is a URL shortener where you are paid to shorten long URLs into shorter ones. What you need to do is head on to adhu.lk create an account then submit your long URL in the given space. When you get the shortened link what you have to do is share it where ever you can get traffic to your link.

Here is the interesting part, Every time when someone clicks on your shortened URL you earn money. If you get around 1000 clicks for your adhu.lk URL you’ll earn around 5 dollars.

One of the best place to spread your link is on Facebook. Let’s say you have 5000 friends on your Facebook account. You share your link on your wall. Let’s say 1000 people clicks on your link. Then you’ll earn 5 dollars from a single link you share. I hope you get a rough idea of the earning potential using adhu.lk.

That’s it I’ve shared the two methods how I earn money online. I invite you to try the methods I’ve described above. Thank you for visiting my site.

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  1. akioayumu

    I also used easyhits4u before. But I can’t say it’s a scam site. The site was good if you want to drive traffic. But it’s not a good way to earn money. The payment rates are too low.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      I totally agree with you Akio. Easyhits4u is good but the products I’ve mentioned above are way more better than Easyhits4u. Give it a try, you’ll see the difference for yourself.

  2. Asami123

    Easyhits4u is good but Alexa Master is better. Using Alexa Master for over three months. Love the customer support and features they offer.

  3. RicaAngel

    I’ve heard that Alexa Master provides Alexa traffic to their users sites. Is it true? Can you explain a bit about the benefits you can get as a webmasters.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      Yes it’s 100% true Rica. Alexa Master offer quality Alexa traffic to it’s users.

      As a webmaster you can attract more advertisers to fund your site. Having a good Alexa rank increases the value of your site. If you decide to sale your site you can sell it for a higher price.

  4. lavishkujo

    I love products of Rodee Web designs and Services. The quality of their work is well maintained. Also the support they provide is awesome compared to the other sites.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      That’s why Rodee Web designs and Service stand out from the rest. I’m also very impressed with their support.

  5. Annonymous

    I’m a registered user of both Alexamaster and Easyhits4u. Like them both since they offer different features. But my number one recommendation is alexamaster.com

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