Step by step guide to create site from scratch imageHere is a step by step spoon-fed guide to create your first site. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the process of creating a site, coz it’s so easy even a five year old kid can do.

step 1

Head on to the site and register your account.

Step 2

step one general

Fill out the general settings of your page.

Note: Keywords are words people type into search engines to find your site. For example if you are building a site for a BMW car sale. Your keywords would be BMW car sale, BMW for sale, BMW cars for lowest price, etc etc.

Step 3

Fill out your contact details and press save to proceed.

step two contact

Note: If you are confused to fill out the location details. Try the following method. Go to Google Maps. Search your address on the search bar. Finally as you can see on the image below copy the two numbers and enter them separately to the Latitude and Longitude.

google maps edited

Step 4

Add your links to site. For example if you have a Facebook fan page you can add it here.

Step 5

Here is the place you can add images to the slide show and logo. Upload your images to a image hosting site and add the URL in the space provided. template

Step 6

Add the details of services you offer to customers.

That’s it you have created site within six easy steps. Enjoy the site you have created.

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