This cheat sheet will Improve your Alexa rank quickly. Updated 2016.

Do you know that you can fake your Alexa ranking and cheat their system? This is the easiest hack to boost your Alexa rank super fast.

Before we go into the method let’s have a look at the importance of cheating their system.

Here are the facts you should know before increasing your Alexa rank (AR).

  • AR can help you to rise your website in search engines.
  • It’ll help you become a trustworthy website among your readers.
  • It’ll help you to increase the value of your site. You can sell your site for a better price if you decide to.

The secret of improving Alexa rank.

The AR is calculated using the data of Alexa toolbar. Most of the people all around the world have installed Alexa toolbar into their browsers. So when someone with Alexa toolbar installed comes to your site that is a valid Alexa visit. So the big secret is to get as many as people who have installed Alexa toolbar into your website.

The method of increasing Alexa rank.

As I mentioned above you need Alexa traffic to improve your ranking. So how you can get Alexa visits. Well everyone would say in order to increase Alexa rank just join traffic exchange site and promote you website to its users. Will it increase my Alexa rank? The problem with this kind of sites is that they are not counted as Alexa visits. People may come to your site but they wouldn’t give you any value to your site Alexa rank.

So how do you get Alexa traffic?

The easiest and the best way is to join a site called The importance of this site is that all the users have Alexa toolbar into their browser. So every visit from Alexamaster will give you valid Alexa visit. This will boost your AR in no time.

Well, there are sites claims to give you Alexa traffic. But my number one recommendation is Alexa Master. Because it’ll boost your Alexa rank for the lowest price. You can also use free methods to improve your Alexa rank as well.

Here is some sample package for you to know.

alexa pakages

Not only Alexa Master provides you with awesome packages you can also improve your Alexa rank with free methods. What you have to do is simple tasks like voting webistes, Liking fanpages, auto surfing sites etc.

Here is a list of things you can do inside AM system

screenshot of alexamaster

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