Trick to buy cheap targeted website traffic. Updated 2016.

Are you low on budget to use google ad-words. Want to try an alternative method to drive traffic to your site. Well here are the most efficient ways to pay for targeted website traffic. I’m going to show you a free method and a paid method. First, let’s dive into the free method.

alexamaster siteJoin to get quality traffic.

Alexamaster also offers to buy cheap targeted website traffic. But I focus on the free way to get traffic to your site. First what you need to do is to have an Alexamaster account.  Alexa master has a point system where you can earn points for doing small tasks. For example, you can like fan pages and vote websites etc. After you have earned enough points you can spend them promote  your websites.

What’s special about Alexamaster

Alexamaster mainly focuses on increasing Alexa rank meanwhile getting quality visitors to your site. What I know from experience is when my Alexa rank goes up it caused a surge of google’s traffic to my site. There are a lot of benefits in having a good Alexa rank. It also increases you website worthiness and attracts more advertisers to your site. I hope you understand the value of joining

Let’s move on to the second method siteBuy traffic from is the new product from the same creators of It’s a URL shortening service where you can get targeted visitors to your site.

I’m confused, a URL shortening service to get traffic?

For more details check on the blog post we wrote about

Using social media? You can become Rich with adHulk

I will let you know a brief introduction on system for webmasters.

As a webmaster, you need traffic sources to promote your website. This is where will help you. It’ll give you website traffic for a very low price. A perfect solution for people who are low on budget.

The users of chops links to earn money. Which means shortening Long URLs into shorter ones. Here is a sample shortened URL for you to try.

If you clicked on the above link. You’ll be presented a webpage with some banner ads and a site. This is where your site would show up. You pay a very low price for Adhulk and the system will put your website in that given space. For each person who clicks on a link like above would direct to your website before they land on the desalinated web page.

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