The importance of Alexa rank in SEO. Must read by every webmaster.

+13 Tweet Share60Shares 63Many online gurus talk about that Alexa rank has no importance with SEO today. I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong. Here I’m gonna talk about Alexa rank with my own experience. A few month ago I started a blog about explaining how to make money online. The main problem was … [Read more…]

Get paid for traffic exchange. Earn money right away.

+1 Tweet Share33Shares 33Well I talked about free traffic exchanges in previous post. In this article I focus on Get paid for traffic exchange sites. Well it’s true some traffic exchange sites pays you money for using their services. The most legitimate site I found is Alexa master has a point system. You can … [Read more…]

Top free traffic exchange sites list to drive quality traffic. Updated 2016.

+131 Tweet Share51Shares 82 After hours of researching, I found a list of sites that would stand out among many other traffic exchange sites. I guarantee that these are 100% free for you to try. When it comes to traffic exchange sites you have two choices. Either you can submit your site to auto surf … [Read more…]

My Adfly account is suspended. I need something better.

+1 Tweet Share39Shares 39Is your adfly account terminated? Well I was in the same situation. Which happens to be a good thing. Because I found another platform better than adfly which is called They have cool features like the ranking system where you are rewarded with real money. Also, the interface of the … [Read more…]