bu.lk reviews. The simplest ways to boost your business Online.

bu.lk siteEvery business must have their own website to promote business to online users. This bu.lk reviews will cover most of the facts you need to know before creating your own bu.lk site.

Doing search engine optimization and promoting your business to online users is hard these days. The competition is so Fierce that know one knows whether your site exists in the online world.

Would you like to be on a cool crowd where you can have your own website up and running within minutes. Where your site is up in the Google’s first page in no time. Then bu.lk is your solution.

Short and Smart, the real deference comparing to other site builder’s

  • No need to be tech savvy to put up a site. It’s easy as filling a form.
  • Simple and quick. You site is up and running in few minutes.
  • Integrated google maps.
  • Generated QR code for your site, which will come in handy to promote your business.
  • Work on any browser. Fully responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Your site is search engine optimized. New customers on your way through search engines.
  • Pulse many more…

Better than Google’s shortener

Not even the site builder. The bu.lk URL shortener is also an awesome feature to shorten your links.

Feel Shortness. It’s short and smart.

  • Only 4 letters in domain.
  • Short like Bu.lk/5y_6
  • 301 Redirect with No Ads!

Free In depth Analytic to track your own links

  • Collect visitors data
  • Check real time traffic
  • Public data reports

Share Easily on Your Favorite Social Media Site.

  • Work with Facebook
  • Google+, Twitter also
  • Shareable on LinkedIn
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