Best auto surf sites list 2016. My number one recommended traffic exchange.

After many years of using and trying different auto surfers. I have found the following to be the best auto surf traffic exchange site list for delivering free quality website traffic.

#1 (My number one recommendation)

Yes, I’ve used many traffic exchange site and found that Alexa Master is the real auto-surf in 2016.


Alexa Master focuses on delivering Alexa traffic to any website. The cool thing about Alexa traffic is, that it helps you to increase your Alexa rank.

What are Alexa rank and Alexa traffic?

Alexa rank is the measurement to checking the website popularity. The collect data from people who have installed Alexa toolbar to their browser. Alexa traffic means people who have installed Alexa toolbar to their browser. So if you ever wanted to increase Alexa rank what you have to do is get people who have Alexa toolbar installed let visit your site. Lower Alexa rank means it’s viewed by many people. When the popularity increases you’ll have the attention of Google’s bots. This would ultimately increase you search engine visibility. Below is a few points of the importance of Alexa rank.

  • A good Alexa rank attracts advertisers to your site. Normally advertisers look for a better Alexa rank before they invest money.
  • It improves the value of a site. If you have a good Alexa rank you can sell your site for a higher price.
  • As I mentioned before. It increases the visibility of search engine. You’ll receive more visitors through search engines.
  • etc

This is from my personal experience

I was so worried to find quality traffic to my site. Tried so many methods like SEO, social media traffic and found that none of them works out for me. I was so desperate to find a way. In the end, one of my friends suggested me So I registered.

It’s was not like other traffic exchanges that I registered before. It was a quality design. I found that it’s another product of Rodeee web design & services. The company is situated in Canada.

The system works as follows,

Alexa master has its own point system. You earn points for doing small tasks. After that, you can spend those collected points to promote you website to other users in the Alexa Master system.

The tasks are so simple. What you have to do is, like Facebook fan pages, vote websites, etc. If you impatient you can buy points for real money. This will give you loads of quality traffic to your site. Here is a screen shot of all the tasks available in AM

screenshot of alexamaster

You can earn money too.

Yes, you heard it right. In Alexa Master, you can earn money for doing small tasks. The more tasks you do the more money you’ll earn. The points you earn can be converted into real money later if you decide to.

This is how Alexa Master does its charm. They send you Alexa traffic to your site which will increase Alexa rank rapidly.

So let us join with the awesome community of webmasters.

Join Alexa Master today.

What people say about Alexa Master

  • Having a good Alexa rank is still important to the overall health of a site – Alexamaster does it for me.
  • We get 3000 to 5000 unique visitors from Alexamaster daily, hope to reach less than 100k ranking soon.
  • Since all the surfers have Alexa toolbar installed, this increases the rank of a website very rapidly. Thank You.
  • I can see the rank of my site increasing, in less than 5 days. I love it.
  • Alexa is unfortunately still a necessary evil, especially for flippers, and this is the solution I guess.

Other traffic exchanges list

#2 Hitleap

Set the viewing time and the number of hits on your

#3 eBesucher

Launched in 2002. 700000 members Traffic and Mail Exchange Earn Cash by surfing and reading emails

#4 10khits

Founded in 2011 Over 90000 members

#5 Otohits

Created in 2013. Over 20000 users. Paid to Promote

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