Using social media? You can become Rich with adHulk

Using social media? You can become Rich (with the help of adHulk) ! But how to reach this target? Let me explain. It is not a hard work. You just need patient to get through what I teach now.

Once I was addicted to Facebook and spent my whole day there. What I did is, sharing my favorite web pages, Youtube videos. music downloads on my Facebook group. When somebody comment on my shared link, I felt awesome. I always tried to get more likes for my shares. But it was killing my time. At the end of day, I felt Facebook has sucked my valuable time.

I do not waste my time on Social Media again

That sounds I am anti social media? No, I love social media and still I am more in to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, VK, etc. I use them to make extra money using my favorite shares. I know, you might be a bit confused about this. Facebook or any other social media doesn’t pay you for sharing. But I found a third party website that pay money for social media shares.


adHulk is a real website for making extra money



Ad Hulk (the domain name is is a website that you can get registered for free. As everyone asked me, it is a trusted business. Here are reasons why I trust them.

  1. They use SSL (https). So, I have no worries about my personal data.
  2. They are a Canadian company.
  3. They have 24/7 Phone support (I have called. it works.).
  4. Facebook page is active. We can contact through that page easily.
  5. A verified business in PayPal.
  6. The website is faster than other sites I know. (For sure, they have big servers).
  7. No delays for payouts. Yeah … very very fast!
  8. Minimum payout is $2. I spent only few hours to make that with my big Facebook group.

There are more I have learned from them. But now I am going to explain you how to work there.

Create a free user account in adHulk

I really believe you are not a baby. So, just visit adHulk website and find the register link. Then get logged in to your free user account. (Please do not ask me to make your account :D). You will get the page shown below after a successful registration. (I do not show my real account by considering security issues. I just created a fake account. But do not create more than 2 fake accounts there. They will ban you with your money.)


Press chop a link to create a money making URL

Chop a Link means shortening a long URL. Do you know or They are URL shorteners. but they do not pay. is a URL shortener too, but it pays you real money. So, chopping means creating a money making URL.

Just say you have a favorite Youtube video. After chopping, you will get a short URL like

Look at the screenshots shown below. But one thing, always try to select Page Language and Category correctly. If you do not follow that guide, you will not make more money like I do. Because, adHulk team always monitor their chopped links.

chop url adhulk

share URL adhulk

Now share your chopped link everywhere

After taking your chopped URL, you have to share it. If you are social media addict like me, you can get a lot of visitors to your chopped URL. Now let me explain how you earn money with this chopped URL.

adhulk security test

adHulk team place few ad banners on your chopped URL(check the screenshot shown above). And ask the visitor to press the image that show “1987”. This is a security check. When a real person click on that 1987 image, adHulk pays you a commission. I told you that they place ads on your chopped URL. So they make some money from advertisers and share those money with us. Currently, they pay $5 for 1000 shares. It’s amazing, because I have more than 10 Facebook groups (active) with more than 2000 users. What I have to do is, chop my favorite videos, blogs using adHulk and share them with my FB crew.

adHulk money making tips to become rich

Hmm … I can give you some tips. But one thing. Do not try cheating there. I know some cheats and I use them to get easy payouts. But I am very careful to keep them secret. Because, I know adHulk can pay my VPS bills and my Internet/electricity also. If I leak them here, I will lose my best income source (even cannot pay like adHulk do).

Tip 01:

Go to Youtube and find amazing videos. Then chop that video URL using adHulk and share chopped URL with your friends. Here is the math,

adHulk pay $5 per 1000 shares. But the visitors must be unique. It is not a big deal for me because I have 10 Facebook groups with minimum 2,000 members. So I can find 20,000 unique visitors for my chopped URL. As my study, I can only get 10% hits from above audience. It means, I am sure I can get 2000 shares easily. So, I earn $10!


Tip 02:

Put chopped URLs inside your blog. And ask your friends to read your blog frequently. Then you make money. As, I know adHulk never block any payout (I talked to their PayPal financial manager). Because, they are new. They always keep paying their workers. But, automatically decrease the revenue of cheaters. 😀


Tip 03:

This is the important and my best secret method. Make referrals. They pay 10% share from any payment your referrals do. Also, they pay $0.5 per each referral you get. You might feel this is a hard work. I felt same too. But after making more referrals, I got a lot of bonus credits automatically from them. I recommend you to make minimum 10 referrals under you (Thanks me for sharing my best secret).

Ok let me finish this article. I am too tired now. I will try to share my experience again. Till that, take care and have a good week!

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