Is Alexamaster a scam site? Must see. The truth behind the site.

alexamaster siteAlexamaster is not a scam site. But you need to be aware of some facts about the site before you join. Read our full review of the Alexamaster site and decide for yourself the legitimacy of the program.

Ever wanted to increase Alexa rank of your site. Wanna tip to increase Alexa rank rapidly? Your ultimate solution to increase Alexa rank. Let the Alexamaster handle your problem. Just hand over your site to and let it do its own magic.

Why you need a good Alexa rank?

Here is a list of thing why it’s essential to increase your Alexa rank.

  • It helps to search engine optimize your website.
  • Good Alexa rank just attracts more advertisers. The more good Alexa rank you have, the more bids you can place.
  • Some advertising platforms ask for good Alexa rank in order to place their advertisements on your site.
  • It increases your website worthiness
  • etc

Who runs

Alexa Master is a property of well reputed Rodee Web Design & Services. A Canadian company which is dedicated to satisfying their users. Alexa master is founded on 2013. Since It’s launch it has becomes a great asset for webmasters to drive quality traffic to their sites. This is a great info that confirms Alex master is not a scam site.

You can earn money too.

Yes it’s right, inside the Alexa Master you’ll have the opportunity to earn money for simple tasks. Example tasks would be voting websites, liking Facebook fan pages etc. By doing these tasks you’ll earn points that can be converted into real money later. For you to know the maximum payout is 5 dollars. You can’t withdraw more than 5 dollars at a time. I know that this is not a huge source of income but there are people who earns at least 100$ per month by using Alexa master. Below is a screen shot of ways to earn money using AM

screenshot of alexamaster

The difference between Alexamaster with other traffic exchange sites

All of the Alexa master users have installed the Alexa tool bar to their browser. Which is why Alexamaster improves the Alexa rank so rapidly. In order to increase Alexa rank, you have to have visitors that have Alexa toolbar installed into their browser. There for other traffic exchange site wouldn’t be able to increase your Alexa rank because their users aren’t installed the Alexa tool bar to their browsers.

This is why Alexamaster is different. As I mentioned above Alexamaster has the best potential to increase your Alexa rank. Since Alexa master provides quality traffic you can see them in your google analytic.

Buy points or earn free ones

Alexamaster has a point system which is easy to understand. Either you can buy points or earn free points according to their system. Earning free points takes time. if you have time in your hand then this is the best option. To earn free points what you have to do is simple tasks like, liking a fan page, voting a site, etc. After earning points you can spend them to increase your Alexa rank.

If you don’t have enough time in your hand the best option would be buying points. This would give you a huge boost in Alexa rank in a short period of time. I guarantee you that this brings you quality visits to your site.

I hope now you understand the value of increasing Alexa rank. Let’s jump into Alexamaster to increase your Alexa rank now.

Join now

Here are some reviews from users who use AM

  • The site is awesome. I already received my first payment within a week.
  • The tasks are so easy even a five years old kid can do it. Enjoy the money I receive for doing such small tasks.
  • Thank you, Alexa Master, for paying me right on time.
  • I’m so happy it works. After submitting my site to Alexa Master there was a huge boost in my Alexa rank.
  • My site is on the first page of the Google for my targeted keywords. This happened after I submit my site to Thank you for the quality service you provide.
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