1. Aira4u

    I almost shocked to hear that Alexa master is a scam. But reading your article was a great experience. It proves that Alexa Master works great for everyone.

  2. RicaAngel

    Hey you’ve picked a good keyword to write your article. I’m sure that Alexa Master wouldn’t be scam in the near future or forever. Because it’s run by the well known Canadian company Rodee Web Designs & Services.

  3. Asami123

    Loved the part, “difference between Alexamaster with other traffic exchange sites”. You have clearly mentioned why Alexa Master stand out with other traffic exchange sites.

  4. akioayumu

    I worked with many paid to surf traffic exchange sites. But non of them paid me on time. Alexa Master is the only one that paid me on time.

    • Rashaine Gunarathne

      Alexa Master has a good record of paying for it’s customers. They satisfy both the user and the advertiser. That’s why there are so many positive reviews of the site.

  5. lavishkujo

    The truth behind the site is that they are legit and pays on time. But some wouldn’t get paid coz of trying to game the system.

  6. Annonymous

    I like the way you write your articles. Easy read and understand. Well explained about Alexa rank and the importance of Alexa Master

  7. eethan

    Here is my small review about Alexa Master. I’ve joined Alexa Master few month back. At the moment I’m receiving around 300 visits from Alexa master and 500 visits from Google search engine. I never received search engine traffic before. Thanks to Alexa Master now I’m a happy webmaster who receive quality traffic daily.

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