Is Alexa rank useless. Is it really?

useless Have you seen on your favorite forum that people claim to say that Alexa rank useless? I know how important it is to my sites. Coz when I got my Alexa rank up I started to receive traffic from Google.

The best part is, I gain my Alexa rank without spending a dime. There are a lot of sites that claims to up your Alexa rank for a hefty price. But I found the easiest way to increase my Alexa rank for 100% free.

This is from my personal experience. I found it the hard way. I was desperate to get quality traffic to my site and increase Alexa rank. After searching countless hours to increase my google ranking I found no one seems to give me a solution. That’s where I was introduced to a site called by my friend.

He explained that Increasing Alexa rank means more visitors to your site. Which alerts google that your site is viewed by many people. That is exactly what Alexa master does. Alexa master sends you quality visitors to your site via their platform.

The importance of a good Alexa rank.

  • It improves your search engine visibility. (This is from my personal experience)
  • Increase your website worthiness.
  • You can sell your website for a higher price.
  • Get the attention of advertisers.
  • You can sell banner ads on your site for a higher price.
  • and much more.

How Alexamaster works?

Inside the Alexa master system, you can earn points for doing a small task like watching YouTube videos, voting websites etc. After that, you can spend your earn points to get quality traffic to your site.

screenshot of alexamaster

Alexa master is a community which helps you to up your Alexa rank in an efficient way. I hope now you understand the value of Alexa rank and the importance of

Here is a link to go and register on Alexamaster to increase your Alexa rank quickly

Here’s what people say about Alexamaster site.

  • It works. Boosting Alexa ranking can be useful to have more power in advertising/affiliate deals, get more conversions on a product by looking more popular on the web etc.
  • Alexa is unfortunately still a necessary evil, especially for flippers, and this is the solution I guess.
  • Those who think having a million hits from auto surf can make your bounce rate over 50%, they are completely wrong, you should try Alexamaster.
  • Although my blog is only about one and half month old, I got a significant decrease in Alexa ranking for using your traffic every day. Thank You.
  • Actually Alexa rank doesn’t matter that much, but after the Page and domain Authority, advertisers always check Alexa rank to analyze any website to advertise in there. Alexa Master is the cool way to do it.
  • This is Ahmed again. Dear Alexa Master, I never forget your help. I have a small website and now I am trying to sell it. Its Alexa was around 40,000,000 before. But after your great tool, my website has become around 10,000,000. The amazing information is it took only a few days. Wow, this is great.
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