The importance of Alexa rank in SEO. Must read by every webmaster.

alexa seoMany online gurus talk about that Alexa rank has no importance with SEO today. I don’t know whether it’s right or wrong. Here I’m gonna talk about Alexa rank with my own experience.

A few month ago I started a blog about explaining how to make money online. The main problem was no one visited my site. I searched countless hours to find a solution. But no one gave me an answer. I was fed up and even thought to give up writing. Also tried to search engine optimize (SEO) my site on Google. Used all the tips and tricks what others talked about. Still no difference. I didn’t get a single visitor from Google.

It was the day that my life changed. I met a friend who had the same problem in the beginning of his online career. He suggested me that I need to increase my Alexa rank. At that time I even didn’t know what Alexa rank means. He explained me further.

What are Alexa rank and the importance of having a good Alexa rank?

It is a way to measure the website popularity. You can check your Alexa rank by visiting Lower Alexa rank means your website is visited by many people. If you can get Alexa visits to your site it’ll give you a huge boost in Alexa rank. This alert Google’s spiders, hey I’m getting a lot of traffic to my site. Which ultimately helps you to increase your search engine visibility.

This is exactly what happened to me. I increase my Alexa rank and within few weeks Google sends me huge waves of traffic to my site. Thanks to my friend today I’m receiving a significant amount of traffic to my blog.

So what is the Trick to increase Alexa rank?

Here is the number one method to increase your Alexa rank. This what I use and it works. I know that there are a lot of traffic exchange sites that promise you to give you quality visits. But what I use is different. The site I’m using is called Alexa Master.

What is

Alexa Master helps you to boost your business to the next level. It provides you with quality traffic meanwhile increasing Alexa rank. Unlike other traffic, exchange sites Alexa Master guarantee to send you Alexa traffic. This increases the value of the traffic you receive from

How AM works?

Alexa Master has a point system inside the platform. In order to add your site to AM, you’ll need to either buy points or earn free ones. To earn free points what you have to do is small tasks like voting websites, liking facebook fan pages, etc. When you earn enough points you can spend them to promote your website through AM system.

The other way is a bit quick and easy. But it costs you money. Instead of earning points you can purchase them via AM platform. After you buy points you can spend to advertise your site to other users who uses AM system.

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