Why Alexa rank is important? The theory explained

Alexa Traffic Rank logoI know that most of the people have different opinions about Alexa rank. Some say that it’s no longer effective. Others say that it’s not valid now. But let me tell you with my own experience. It’s still valid and has a huge importance in fields like search engine optimization.

When I started my first blog I had little to no knowledge about SEO and other stuff. I was looking for a way to get traffic to my site. I researched and researched and no one seems to give me a solution. That’s where I stumble upon alexamaster.com. It was introduced by my friend.

Finally, my research has come to and end.

Alexa master started sending me huge waves of traffic to my site, where I improved my Alexa rank rapidly. I was earning points like crazy. It was fun. All I have to do is to watch YouTube videos, like fan pages, vote websites etc. After doing these simple tasks Alexa master add points to my account where I could use them to get quality traffic to my site.

Most of my traffic are from countries like USA, Australia, and Canada. I think it was a key point which boosts my site on the search engine result. I was so happy where my site is headed. It’s receiving traffic from google now. I no longer depend on the Alexa master traffic now. If I wanted to I would be glad to buy some points coz I no longer have time to earn points now.

I hope now you understand that Alexa rank plays a huge role in search engine optimizing sites. Try it for yourself I know it works.

Here is a list of other benefits you’ll have having a good Alexa rank

  • website with higher Alexa rank attracts more advertising and get more ads.
  • Alexa Ranking helps to quantify the popularity of a blog or website and to assess its value in dollars.
  • Having a good Alexa rank will help you if you decide to sell your site later day.
  • etc etc

I hope you enjoyed my article. Now you know what to do.

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Here what others say about Alexa Master.

  • Alexa Master is my favorite tool to increase Alexa rank. I find it very useful for such a low price.
  • What I like about Alexa Master is it offers a variety of ways to earn points. Sometimes it’s fun to vote websites.
  • Thank you, Alexa Master you made my day. I’m so thrilled to receive traffic from you guys. You are doing an awesome job to providing quality traffic to users.
  • Hi all, I personally know the developer of this software. He is the kindest guy I have ever met. I am happy to be apart of him. Great work dear … I am always with you!
  • I started running Alexamaster for a week, and I’m already ranked 350k on Alexa.
  • It increased my Alexa ranking in no time and actually boosted my search engine positions.
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