Someone save me. My Alexa rank is going down

alex rank is going downIs your Alexa rank going down? There was a time where my Alexa rank is going down. I was in the same situation. Well, I have a simple solution. Would you like to have a secret that other webmasters wouldn’t tell you? It was hard for me to find it out. Doing most of the research by myself I was desperate to get targeted visitors to my site.

That’s where I was introduced to a site by my friend to increase my Alexa rank. The platform is so easy that even a small kid can figure it out. So let’s get to the point.

Why my Alexa rank is going down.

Before you can understand why your Alexa rank goes down you have to understand how Alexa rank is calculated. get details of the behavior of users who has installed Alexa toolbar. This information is gathered and processed to calculate Alexa rank of your site.

So the big secret.

In order to increase Alexa rank, you have to get visitors who has Alexa toolbar installed to their browser. So how can you get visitors who has Alexa toolbar installed? Well here is the most interesting part. You have to find people who have Alexa toolbar installed let visit your site.

But how I’m confused. How can I find people who have Alexa toolbar installed?

Welcome to the cool community. Here is my secret.

There is a site called where all the people has Alexa toolbar installed to their browser.

What you need to do is simple.

Alexa master has a point system where you can earn points for viewing YouTube videos, liking Facebook fan pages, visiting other sites, etc.

After earning your points you can submit your site to Alexa master to get unique visitors to your site easily. The interesting part is that all the users of Alexamaster have Alexa toolbar installed to their browsers. Which helps to increase Alexa rank rapidly.

Don’t waste your time

Here is the link to

Here’s what other says about the site.

  • Hi all, I personally know the developer of this software. He is the kindest guy I have ever met. I am happy to be apart of him. Great work dear … I am always with you!
  • It works. Boosting Alexa ranking can be useful to have more power in advertising/affiliate deals, get more conversions on a product by looking more popular on the web etc.
  • Just an idea, I think the Katerina effect is very important when we need to increase our local Alexa rank. because I just understood it when I check my ranking info. I suggest Alexa master team update Katerina effect for 2 web pages. so it will open 2 pages and will increase local rank more. thanks, dear Alexa master. I studied a lot withing these few days.
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