Alexa rank and seo. The bond between the two.

alexa seoIt’s the dream of every webmaster to receive traffic from Google. The most difficult part is that the competition is so fierce ranking on Google’s first page is very difficult. Even if you study search engine optimization (SEO) it’s a difficult filter all the bogus information out there on the web. Most of the successful webmasters who ranks on Google doesn’t share with you the tricks how they rank on first page.

I’m here to give you a little secret. This worked for me and I hope it’ll works for you as well. This simple step is told by my friend when I almost fed up with writing blogs with no visitors to read.

The secret he shared with me is to increase Alexa rank of my website. He told me that Alexa rank and SEO has a close relationship with each other.

What is Alexa rank?

Alexa rank is a rough measurement of the websites popularity. The lower the Alexa rank the better. To increase Alexa rank you have to get visitors who has Alexa toolbar installed into their browser.

Here is all you need to increase Alexa rank.

There is a site called Alexa Master where you can increase Alexa rank within few weeks. They provide guaranteed Alexa visits to your site. These are real users who surf the web. Now what this does is it gets the attention of Google’s bots to come into your site. This is why having a good Alexa rank has a huge importance. The more real visitors you get the more popular your website will be on the web.

A brief introduction about Alexa Master.

Alexa Master is a founded in 2013 for webmaster to boost their online business. It’s a well trusted Canadian company which always gives their priority for it’s users. In AM there are two ways  to increase your alexa rank. You can either try the free method or you can buy your way to increase Alexa rank using their system.

The Free Way

In this method you need to earn points to increase your Alexa rank. To earn points what you need to do is simple tasks like voting websites, liking Facebook fan pages etc. After you earn points you can spend them to add your site into AM system. Then other users who has the Alexa toolbar installed visits your site give you a huge boost in Alexa rank.

Paid method

In this method you need real money to increase Alexa rank. Inside Alexa Master you’ll find many packages you can buy to have points. Below are some sample packages for you to know.

alexa pakages

These are the best prices to increase your Alexa rank. I guarantee that you’ll find no other site for a price like this to increase your Alexa rank.

Not even for SEO Alexa rank has some other benefits too.

  • It provides quality visitors to your site.
  • Increase the value of the site. If you have a good Alexa rank to your site you can sell it for a higher price.
  • Attracts more advertisers to your site. Advertisers looks for a good Alexa rank before they invest money for advertising.
  • etc

That’s it, I shared the most important fact you should know when it comes to SEO. Now what you have to do is go and register you account in Alexa Master to improve your Alexa rank.

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