Alexa master review. The naked truth. Must see before join.

alexa master reviewsHey, guys this review about Alexa Master is written by researching countless hours to give you the best information you ever need to know before joining the program. If you are still skeptical about whether Alexa Master is legit or scam, let this article clear your doubts.

Who owns Alexa Master?

This information is crucial when you join a site. If the owners are scammers then probably we can’t put our faith on the site. Luckily Alexa Master is own by a well-reputed company called Rodee Web Designs and Service. The company is situated in Canada which is a plus sign for you to know.

Why Alexa Master? What I like about the system.

  • Alexa Master is online since 2013 without failing their services.
  • Owned by a well reputed Canadian Company.
  • Awesome customer support. Support tickets are answered quickly.
  • Pays for its users on time. Payments are never delayed.
  • Increase Alexa rank and Google rank in a short time. Does the job efficiently.

What is Alexa Master?

AM for webmasters.

Alexa Master is a website which helps webmasters to improve Google rankings and their Alexa rank. Increasing Alexa rank would help them to rise in popularity among other website owners. What you have to do is earn points and submit your site to AM system and let them handle their part.

So in simple terms, Alexa Master is a traffic exchange site to help website owners and businesses to rise in popularity meanwhile increasing their sales.

Would you like to hear my story of Alexa Master?

Early in my blogging career, I struggled so hard. Lack of traffic to my site was a huge issue for me. I loose my faith. I loose my faith in blogging. I almost gave up my blogging career. I was really disappointed myself. I searched and searched hours to find a targeted quality traffic. I tried SEO and it was a disaster. No one visited my site. When I lost my hope one of my friends suggested me a new site called Alexa Master. It was new to me.

He told that he also struggled in the beginning and Alexa Master was the first site that helped him to receive quality traffic. He said that his main aim is to receive Google’s traffic. And after he submitted his site to Alexa Master within a week he started to receive Google’s love.

What you need to receive is initial web traffic to alert Google bot. When Google sees that the site is receiving traffic it’s hard to resist but to have a look on the site. This initial traffic is so important that it’ll give you a huge boost in search engine rankings.

So I tried what exactly he told me. It was like a miracle. I had the same result with my site. It was a dream come true. Finally, I’m receiving Google’s traffic. Thanks to Alexa Master my Alexa rank also raised up. Now I’m a happy member of Alexa Master who enjoys a steady traffic to my site.

AM for users.

If you join Alexa Master only to do small tasks and earn money. This is also a great option that for average Joe to earn money through the internet. What you need to do is simple tasks like liking Facebook fan pages, voting website etc. Here is a screen shot of jobs you can do on the site.

screenshot of alexamaster things to do

Reviews of users. What people have to say about Alexa Master

These are the stories I found researching about Alexa Master system. There are both positive and negative reviews about the site. Let me start with positive reviews.

Positive reviews

  • Wow, I increase my Alexa rank within few days. It almost shocked to see I started to receive traffic from Google to my site. It was very quick. I’m very impressed with what Alexa Master has to offer. Thank you, Alexa Master, for your awesome service.
  • I’m new to the online world. I didn’t know any SEO and other stuff to get traffic to my site. After a bit of research, I found Alexa Master which seems to be an awesome way to drive traffic to my site. So I joined to see how it works. The interface is simple and easy to use. After collecting some points I submitted my site to AM. Within minutes I started to get views from all around the world. My Alexa rank is started to boost in no time. I finally I started to be recognized in the online world.
  • Simply awesome way to drive quality traffic to my blog.

Negative reviews.

It was really hard to find some negative reviews of the site. Most of the complaints come from users who use AM to earn money. The reason is most them try to cheat the Alexa Master system to earn money. Ultimately when they got banned from the site, They claim that Alexa Master is a scam not accepting their fault.

If you have anything to say about the please, put a comment below.

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