must read before you join. Everything you need to know. is the new online super hero among the webmasters these days. Everyone is excited about the new site. Will they succeed on their way? Read our in-depth review and decide for yourself whether it’s safe to join or not.

In simple terms is an advertising platform. For advertisers, you can get targeted quality traffic to your site by submitting it to adhulk. For users, you can earn money by simply chopping links. for webmasters

For webmasters, adhulk can be beneficial in two ways. Either you can get targeted visitors to the site or you can earn money by sharing links on your blog or website. for normal users.

For users, you can chop links to earn money from adhulk plate forum. What you need to do is register on adhulk and start chopping links. Chopping links mean shortening long URL into short ones. After you have chopped the links you need to share them on Facebook or anywhere, where you can get visitors to click on your links. Below is a sample URL that I have chopped using adhulk.

If you clicked on the above link you’ll be directed to a page where you need to click on 1987 to proceed further. After you’ve clicked on 1987 you’ll be redirected to your targeted place. In between the process, you’ll be shown with advertisements where make it’s revenue. A percentage of generate revenue is given to¬† the person who has chopped the link.

That’s it. It’s how the whole process works. If you are still confused, watch the below video understand how adhulk works.

Who runs site?

I thought of giving this information to you so that you can clarify your thoughts, whether it’s a scam or not. Adhulk is the latest product launched by the Rodee Web Design & Services. A well reputed Canadian based web designing company which is online since 2013. I assure you that these guys are legit and trust worthy. They also run the popular product called Which is a traffic exchange site to increase your Alexa rank easily.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I invite you to join and see the difference.

Here is the link to it’s the official site.

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