Is scam? The ultimate review of the site. scam reviewAre you tired of being scammed by earn money online programs? If so welcome to the ultimate review by The simple question, “is scam?” is answered in more details. If you read our review to the end you’ll have a solid understanding of the site.

So is it? Is a scam site?

Well, the simple answer is no. is not a scam. Not even close. Try it for yourself. is one of the best platforms to earn money online by shortening URLs. ultimate review starts from here.

I know you are confused by the fact how you could earn money by simply shortening URLs. Well, thanks to it’s now possible to earn a kid can do.

How works?

Below is a sample link that I’ve chopped using adhulk. If you can check the link It’ll be easy for me to explain.

When you click the link you’ll be redirected to a page where you can see banner ads and a website. If you want to reach the destination you’ll be asked to click on 1987 on that page. Webmasters who wants traffic to their sites pays to show these banner ads to the visitors. This is how the makes it’s revenue. The generated revenue is then distributed among it’s users who helped to spread links around the web.

For webmasters, you can get quality visitors to your site for the lowest price. For users, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts with the generated revenue.

Added benefits for the users.

What I like about their site is their ranking system. has a level system which rewards it’s users when they pass each level. Below you can see how you’ll be rewarded for each level up. level system

You can increase level by Inviting your friends to use the platform. When they reach level 5, it will increase your level and income. When you buy credits by making a payment, they will increase your level. Like wise there are many methods to increase army level plus your income.

Join and start earning today.

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