No more adfly for me. The best adfly alternative 2016.

adfly alternativesI gave up. I’m fed up with the dull platform and the low payouts that adfly offers to its users. I wanted a site like adfly which is fun and more productive towards its users. After researching through the internet I found the best site similar to adfly which I loved from the beginning when I started using it. It’s nonother than a website called, the new virtual superhero to monetize the web. But I was skeptical at the beginning. I wanted to make sure whether it’s a scam or a legit program. So I researched more.

After researching some time I found that it’s another program launched by a well reputed Canadian company called Rodee web designs and services. So my confidence boosted up. I felt I found the perfect company to work with. So I registered into the program right away.

After registering for the program I found it’s well-formatted user interface even a five-year-old can understand. I was well attracted to the user interface. It was a perfectly structured. The seems to be fun. The instructions are given clearly to understand the plate forum.

What I like more about is it’s not another copycat of adfly. The concept was new. It was not the ordinary skip ad method. It works as a human verification system. When the user clicks on the shortened link he’s directed to a banner advertising page where he’s asked to click on 1987 on one of the banner image. So it’s not the typical spammy method to skip the ad.

Here is an example link for you to try.

First, click on the link above and you’ll be directed to the banner page I mentioned above. Then click on 1987 to proceed to the target URL.

What I like about the is their ranking system. I’m sure you’ll love it too. For each rank, you achieve will reward you with real money. Here is a screen shot of the ranking system. level system

If you are an impatient person like me you can even buy you way up in the ranking system. Your rank will be up when your shared link is viewed by others, when you make referrals to you, etc.

Benefits for webmasters.

Webmaster can either earn or get traffic to the lowest price using If you decide to earn money all you have to do is chop links and share them on your website. Each time when someone clicks on your link you’ll be rewarded with real money. This real money either can be withdrawn to your PayPal account or you can reinvest them into to get visitors to your site.

I hope you now have a rough idea of how the system works. I invite you to come and have an account and see the difference. Thanks for reading my article to the end

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