Adflares scam review. The untold truth.

adflares official siteRead our Adflares review to the end to see the truth of the site. Then you can decide and see for yourself whether the site is a fraud or not. This unbiased criticism will help you to figure out whether the site is legit or scam. If you have any complaints please don’t forget to put a comment below.

  • Product Name: Adflares
  • Website:
  • Money Making Strategy: Paid-to-Click (PTC)
  • Domain Registration date: 2015-04-25
  • Verdict: Not recommended.

Before we get into the review let’s see why I dislike PTC sites.

  1. If you used a PTC site even for one day. You know that the earning potential is pretty low on a PTC site. Even though most of them claims to give you unlimited earning potential. Your chance is to earn even 10 bucks is very rare.
  2. The other thing is most of them shut down within few months. So all your effort is lost.
  3. You only earn in pennies for your hard work.

What I recommend.

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How to figure out whether the site is a scam or not?

See Adflares Alexa rank.

Alexa rank is a good point to see the site’s popularity. If the site has a good Alexa rank it means the site receive a good amount of traffic. Lower the Alexa rank the better.

Another good point is to check information. This reveals information like the site’s domain expiration date, Who is the owner of the site etc.

Here are the whois details about the Adflares.

Adflares has not hidden their info which is a good sign. The owner of the site is Andrea Iberti

The other thing you need to pay attention whether the site has a forum or not.

The site has a forum and it’s very active. Having an active forum is a good sign.

Here is the link to Adflares forum.

My final tip is to search on Google. Search for this You PTC site name + discussion. This will reveal a lot of discussion forums so we could get user feedback about the particular site.

What is Adflares?

Adflares is popular paid to click site with a good amount of members to see advertisements. As advertisers this a good opportunity to promote your website. Users can earn a small amount of the generated revenue.

All Members will be paid within 24h. Note that some payment request could take longer than 24h due to the necessary security checks on postback.

The available payment processors on AdFlares are PayPal, Payza, and Perfect Money both for deposits and withdrawals. Payeer is available only for deposits. Perfect Money will be available for withdrawals only on Monday and Friday each week but we cannot guarantee its availability at any time as for Payza.

Memberships can withdraw their funds when the account balance reaches $0.01. Standard Members when cash out when the balance reaches respectively: $0.25 Perfect Money, $0.50 PayPal and $1 Payza.

Things to do in Adflares

  1. Paid to click :As a member, you can get Main Ads, Extended Ads, Macro Ads, Standard Ads, Micro Ads
  2. Paid to view videos :
  3. Minutestaff offers
  4. PTC wall offers
  5. Clix wall offers
  6. Wannads offers
  7. Wannads surveys
  8. Play ClixGrids ads
  9. Surf traffic exchange

Below are some screenshots for you to see the earning potential of Adflares.

adflares PTC wall offers

Adflares paid to sign up offers

adflares wannaads


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