10khits review. Everything you should know. Is it legit or a scam.

10khits logoAre you looking for a 10khits scam review? Sadly there are more sites safe than 10khits for you to know. You can check my best alternative similar to 10khits. But before that let’s have a quick review of the site.

10khits is not safe for Adsense

No, it is not safe, AdSense traffic is safe if it comes naturally from search engines, social media, video, etc. If the visits are paid to click then it’s against the TOS of Google Adsense. So 10khits is not safe for Adsense.

Is it a scam site?

Well, I can’t comment on this exactly that 10khits scam. But my research has led me to a lot of negative reviews of the site. Most of the users who tries the site are dissatisfy with their system. If you do a simple Google search you’ll find many bad reviews on the site.

10khits is not safe?

A lot of the users complains that the quality of auto surf is low. People tend to stumble upon malicious websites where someone can install suspicious software in you PC. I think if 10khits,  be more careful about accepting sites into their system.

Is 10khits any good for webmasters?

Since You can’t get quality traffic don’t expect to have an awesome difference in your website. Although they claim to increase Alexa rank there are better websites which can help you to increase Alexa rank rapidly.

Best 10khits alternative

The best 10khits alternative is alexamaster.net. There are added advantages of the Alexa Master comparing to 10khits. The main importance is it helps to increase your site’s Alexa rank. This indirectly SEO your site on major search engines like Google.

Here is my personal Experience.

I was just like you looking for a better way to drive traffic to my site. It  was no fun. I desperately looked for a way. I needed google’s traffic. But I didn’t know any SEO tricks. One of my friends told me that I need some initial traffic to my website. Then my research took a different path. I looked for a way to drive easy traffic. I needed quality traffic within few days and rank my website on Google’s first page.

After countless hours of work, I stumble on a site called Alexa Master. The site looked awesome from the first impression. The sites claimed to increase to improve my Alexa rank.

Alexa rank what the hell is that?

I didn’t know the meaning of Alexa rank. Then I realized that Alexa rank plays a huge importance when it comes to search engine optimization. Learned few tricks about on page optimization. Then what I did was submit my site to alexamasater.com.

It seems almost a miracle. My sites Alexa rank was up within minutes. Soon after that, I started to receive Googles traffic. It was one of the best days of my life. I was thrilled with the service of Alexa Master. So I invite you to come and see the difference. Hope you enjoyed my 10khits review. Thanks for visiting. Have an awesome day.

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